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Comparing the U.K market to Ireland

This week Breffnie caught up with property buyer Henry Pryor, described by the BBC as a "leading property expert" and recently featured in The Financial Times.

England-based Henry compares the housing markets of the UK and Ireland and discusses how you make money when you buy a house, not when you sell it.

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What your mortgage broker can do for you

If you're thining of trading up, trading down or purchasing your first property, this week's podcast is for you. In this episode, Breffnie sits down with Kieren McAlester of GMC Mortgages to discuss everything from finding the right bank to suit your mortgage needs to how to secure a mortgage for an Irish property while living abroad.

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Getting you property market ready with Paul Tobin

In this week's episode, Breffnie meets Paul Tobin to learn his tips for sprucing up your property before it hits the market.

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Investment properties with Clare Connolly

This week, Breffnie catches up with estate agent Clare Connolly to discuss investment properties. This podcast is perfect for tenants and landlords alike.

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Why sales fall through

In this week's episode, Breffnie sits down with property estate agent and partner with DNG, Brian Dempsey to discuss why and how sales fall through.


What is that solicitor doing all this time?

In this episode, Breffnie meets solicitor Michael Crowley, a partner at Patrick F. O'Reilly & Co. solicitors. Michael explains the ins and outs of what a solicitor can do for you, when it comes to buying property.

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Property Surveyor David Hart

What does a surveyor do? Why do we need one? When do we get one? How much does a survey cost? Listen to the wise and likeable David Hart tell us all about surveys.


Living City Tax Incentive

Breffnie meets unlikely property developer, Professor Dolores Cahill, who has bought, renovated and sold an old Georgian house and is now on to her second property with the aid of the Living City Tax Initiative Scheme

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Houseology: The architect with the difference

Thinking of extending? We recommend you take off your hard hat and high viz vest for a minute and listen to our interview with architect, Eva Byrne of Houseology

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Making a home

Breffnie talks to her great friend Aisling about how she has created such a homely home. Listen to how the wise builder basically designed the extension and to the liberating moment when Aisling decided that her home, although not quite a country pile, could be an "Aga" home

Breffnie and Jean Callanan

Lessons learned from a €100k extension

Thinking of renovating or extending? Jean Callanan has just finished a €100k job on her house. Listen to her top tips

Moving to the country

Moving from Dublin to the Country

This week, Breffnie catches up with her cousin Sheila O’Kelly, who sold her house in the city and moved to Wexford to help balance the books.

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Needs, must. Designing your home around your needs

How at home do we feel in our house? It took an Orange armchair to make my thoughtful friend Meb feel like she had finally come home.

The making of a homely home with Aisling Grimley

The making of a homely home with Aisling Grimley

Interview with property surveyor, David Hart